February 14th, 2011

As a proud Michigander I have similar interests as those of you who live in our communities and am very passionate about the positive growth for businesses and citizens in the state of Michigan.

I love…College and Professional Football

I am avid fan of college football and fully support all of our college programs in Michigan.  Unfortunately, the Michigan schools did not fare well in their 2010 bowl games but we support them nonetheless.

Also, who can forget the memorable season that the Detroit Lions had?  6 wins?  Way to go!

I enjoy…These Leisure Activities

Joe Barbat - Wireless Toyz Snowmobile team

Snowmobiling Up North

I enjoy playing soccer, volleyball, snowmobiling, basketball, skiing and ping pong.  Out of all of these activities, my favorite is by far snowmobiling.  In fact, I have traveled as far north to beautiful Keweenaw Michigan to snow mobile and usually head up north at least ten times per year to snowmobile or four-wheel.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

I can’t stand it when…People Talk Nothing But Politics

I am all for people having political expression and encourage those freedoms.  However, there is a point of saturation as I have never liked being forced or pushed into believing something.

The situation with unemployment, job creation, and small business growth in the state of Michigan is a great example of a task that is very important to fix.  The political platform of our local leaders does not matter to me at all because I am more concerned with the individual(s) who can tackle and fix these issues based on their merits.  I am behind Rick Snyder and believe that he will do the best job he can given the complexities he has inherited.

I am…A Person Of Strong Faith

I am a strong supporter of the Catholic Church and the Chaldean Archdiocese.  As a parish member of Our Lady of Refuge, I like to attend at least 3 times a month and in fact feel that If and when I skip services, I have an inner lost feeling as though something is missing.

In my spare time…I Seek Out The Next Hot Tech Gadget

Whatever the next hot tech gadget is, I want to know about it, test it, maybe even use it.  As an owner of a communications franchise

Joe Barbat Recommends Samsung Epic 4G

Courtesy of

one of my favorite perks is having the option of using almost any cell phone and service of my choosing.  As it pertains to the future of the wireless industry, I believe that it will revolve around the Android and Apple phones and the applications deployed on these devices.  I also believe that we will under go yet another round of consolidation.  Simply put they are much more advanced than the other technologies and have leading market share as well.  Do you know of a really cool technology gadget and want to share it here?  Let me know.

The best time of my day is when…I Spend Time With My Family

Joe Barbat and Family

Familiy is extremely imporant to me.

I love my family and spending as much time with my wife and children is the most important aspect to my life.  I am not sure if one can truly be happy and successful without a strong foundation and backing at home.

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