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Are Your Text Messages Safe?

June 16th, 2011 Comments off
Joe Barbat Founder of Wireless Toyz

Are Your Text Messages Safe?

Text messages that are sent through popular cell phone providers such as AT & T, Verizon and Sprint are not recorded.  They are saved for at least 72 hours so that messages sent in the event of a customer being out of their service area or the phone is simply shut off.  If you happen to delete your messages they are gone forever.  However, if your text messages are saved to a memory card they may be retrieved for a fee using a specialized company.

There is a service available to parents for approximately $9.95 per month from a company called Radar.  Parents can download special software to a cell phone that enables them to view text messages via a website.  Parents may also approve lists of people that are allowed to contact their children via text message so that if anyone contacts the cell phone that isn’t on the approved list the parent is notified.

Emails that are sent to a mobile phone are treated differently than text messages.  Emails are saved by the same types of systems that computers use and are stored in databases.  This means that emails that have been deleted may be retrieved.

In 2009, it was reported by Mike Wendland of the Detroit Free Press, that iPhones were prone to being hijacked.  The virus appeared in the form of a tiny square in a text message and within minutes was able to take over the phone.  The only viable solution was to shut your phone off.  Fortunately, both Apple and Microsoft worked quickly to debug the phones and all users were instructed to sync their phones with iTunes to get the free update.

What have been your experiences with text messages and emails on your mobile phone?  Let me know by contacting me through this website.