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Wireless Toyz CEO Joe Barbat Asks “Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?”

June 16th, 2011 Comments off

Joe Barbat Founder of Wireless Toyz

Does using a cell phone correlated with a higher cancer risk?

Does excessive, long-term use of cell phones cause cancer?

The World Health Organization issued a press release on May 31, 2011 indicating that the use of cell phones possibly increases the risk of certain brain cancer and tumors.  The operative word here is “possibly”.

The big worry seems to be about Radio Frequency (RF) Radiation, a form of electromagnetic radiation, being absorbed by the brain causing glioma (a malignant type of brain cancer).  To give you an idea of how RF compares to other types of radiation that you may be familiar with:  RF is low frequency radiation, whereas, X-rays are high frequency radiation.

The articles that I have been reading since this recent release from the WHO all have some very ambiguous adjectives being used in the studies.  I have not seen one article where a doctor or scientist has definitively stated that “yes, cell phones cause cancer.”  The big asterisk here is that cell phones possibly, may be, and could be carcinogenic to humans.  As with anything that “could, may, or possibly” be harmful to us we have a tendency to both take precautions and be skeptical at the same time.

Let’s take a quick look at how we behave under similar circumstances such as protecting ourselves from harmful UV sun rays.  We don’t know for sure that we’re actually going to get cancer if we spend a day at the beach.  So we take precautions such as using sunblock, wearing UV lenses in our sunglasses, and/or using an umbrella to avoid direct sun exposure.

What are some of the measures that we could take as users of a necessary technology to help reduce our exposure to possibly harmful radiation exposure?  Many of us already do this by using a speaker phone feature, a Bluetooth accessory, or by texting instead of direct calling.

The fact is it could take years before a definite conclusion can be reached on whether or not there is a direct correlation between cell phone usage and the development of cancer.

Note:  The studies the World Health Organizations reviewed were regarding cell phone users that used the technology over a 10-year period.  More research and variables will definitely be needed before a conclusion can be reached.

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