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Oakland County Court Grants $487,000 to Wireless Toyz and Joe Barbat

February 24th, 2012 Comments off

Oakland County Court grants $487,000 to Wireless Toyz, its CEO Joe Barbat, and Other officers of the company.

On January 17, 2012, Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Shalina D. Kumar awarded case evaluation sanctions against David Abbo and Colorado Toyz, LLC in favor of Wireless Toyz, its CEO Joe Barbat, Richard Simtob and Jack Barbat.  On February 15, 2012, Judge Kumar entered a judgment against David Abbo and Colorado Toyz, LLC in favor of Wireless Toyz its CEO Joe Barbat, Richard Simtob and Jack Barbat in the amount of $487,000.

The plaintiffs in the case, David Abbo and Colorado Toyz, LLC, have filed a malpractice law suit against their former attorneys, Norman Yatooma & Associates, Norman Yatooma and Robert Zawideh for malpractice and other claims.

“We are pleased with the outcome of the trial.  To see the court recognize that plaintiffs and their attorneys who seek to abuse the legal system will be held accountable is important to the integrity of our legal system…. justice has been served”.  Says Joe Barbat Wireless Toyz Chairman and CEO.  Barbat continued to say…  “This was an unfortunate case of bad legal advice that cost the plaintiff(s) severely.  Although the outcome was appropriate, well deserved and justified my feelings go out to Mr. Abbo and his family”.

About Joe Barbat and Wireless Toyz:

Joe Barbat founded Wireless Toyz in 1996.  Under Joe Barbat’s direction, Wireless Toyz began franchising in 2001, following the success of the company’s first store. By the end of 2004, Joe Barbat had established 62 Wireless Toyz locations. Today, Wireless Toyz has 72 locations across the country.  Joe Barbat attributes Wireless Toyz’s success to its innovative business model, which allows customers to compare several service plans and products side-by-side.

The Wireless Toyz business model has also been of great benefit to the Wireless Toyz franchisees, and Joe Barbat takes pride in providing others with a means to launch their own careers.