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Wireless Toyz Customer Expectations

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Wireless ToyzWhen Joe Barbat founded Wireless Toyz, his mission was simple: to establish an outlet where customers could gain access to mobile phones from all major providers, along with an assortment of popular accessories and service plans. The realization of Joe Barbat’s goal means walking into a cozy location with a slew of options, so many that some customers might feel overwhelmed. Let us take you inside a typical Wireless Toyz location for an overview of the excellent service and wide variety of hardware that Joe Barbat and his employees provide in 15 states.

All for One and One for All

These days, who has the time to visit the separate locations of major cell phone carriers such as Verizon and AT&T? Every Wireless Toyz store presents a union of carriers: Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. All are represented in the form of the latest mobile hardware such asJoe Barbat Recommends the BlackBerry Tour the popular Motorola Droid, Blackberry Tour and Curve, Samsung Instinct HD, Palm Pixi, and more. Looking for something that is less smartphone and more bare essentials? Joe Barbat’s Wireless Toyz stores can service that need, too.

Quality Customer Service

If you were to visit the store of one carrier, would you expect them to convince you that the competition is better? Of course not. At Wireless Toyz, no such competition exists. Under Joe Barbat’s leadership, Wireless Toyz features hardware and service plans from Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, Metro PCS, Cricket, AT&T, and Boost, among others. No matter what you want, Wireless Toyz employees will recommend the best carrier, phone, accessories, and service plan to fit your needs.

Feed your Bluetooth

Looking for ways to style and profile your cell phone? Every Wireless Toyz store offers a broad range of accessories for the many types of phones. Leather pouches snugly fit phones and conveniently snap onto belts or waistbands, silicone cases add flavor and color, car chargers keep you talking throughout your travels, and memory cards exponentially augment your phone’s built-in storage capacity so you can store even more videos, tunes, and games.

Location, Location, Location

With over 100 Wireless Toyz locations throughout 15 states, Joe Barbat is rapidly succeeding in his endeavor to make his one-stop cell shop as recognizable as Starbucks. Rather than hunt for particular carrier stores, visit and punch in your zip code to pinpoint the Wireless Toyz outlet nearest you.

Joe Barbat on Apple’s Product Revolution

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Joe Barbat Founder of Wireless ToyzEvery summer for the past few years, Apple has released a new version of its popular iPhone.  The iPhone 4 features several improvements over previous models released from  Apple, but the changes are not as dramatic as in past years and Apple may face competition from other phone manufacturers.

The iPhone 4 features a 3.5-inch display with a resolution that is said to be greater than what the human eye can perceive. It also includes a 5-megapixel camera on the rear and a front-facing camera for videoconferencing. Additionally, the iPhone 4 includes a range of sensors: a three-axis gyroscope, an accelerometer, a proximity sensor, and an ambient light sensor.

Enclosed front and back with glass, the iPhone 4 is less rounded than previous models, and also somewhat thinner. The iPhone 4 also

Joe Barbat Reviews iPhone 4

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has a high-capacity battery, offering up to six hours of 3G usage or seven hours of talk time.

The most notable competitor to the iPhone 4 is the HTC EVO offered by Sprint. The HTC EVO is the first U.S. phone to offer both 3G and 4G connectivity, providing speeds significantly faster than the iPhone in areas where 4G is available. Additionally, the HTC EVO has a larger screen, at 4.3 inches, which some see as a feature and some see as a handicap. The HTC EVO also has a better camera than the iPhone 4, which at 8 megapixels is also able to record video.

One of the drawbacks of the HTC EVO, however, is its shorter battery life. While still within the acceptable range for high-powered smartphones, the HTC EVO cannot compete with the power-optimized iPhone.

Another point of comparison is the carrier’s network. The HTC EVO runs on Sprint and the iPhone on AT&T. Facing high rates of congestion and demand for Apple’s phones, AT&T has received criticism for the voice quality of its network and frequently dropped calls. Sprint, on the other hand, has avoided similar criticisms in recent years.  Check out a recent speed test article by Joe Barbat on the HTC EVO.

Clearly, these are both among the best smartphones on the market today, but it is no longer the case that Apple’s iPhone is the de facto consumer phone to beat. The HTC EVO and other competitors are quickly catching up and offering new choices for customers who either do not want an iPhone or who are not on AT&T’s network.